Funds structuring

Tercon Philosophy

• Specialization: We take care of Structuring and Management;
• Independence: Exclusive remuneration of Structuring and Management;
• Customization: No Factoring is the same as the other;
• Continuity: We remain with the Customer;
• Small and qualified team;
• Direct involvement of our partners.

Our background

• More than 10 years of experience with FIDCs;
• Presence in discussions with the authorities that led to the creation and regulation of FIDCs;
• Presence in the creation and offer of the first FIDC that came to Brazilian market: “BMG Servidores Públicos I”, registered at the CVM in the end of 2002;
• Structured the first FIDC for Factorings in the first half of 2005.

Tercon Model

• Great experience of our partners in the sector;
• We are a boutique, not a department store;
• We adapt the product to the “modus operandi” of each Customer;
• We have relationship with investors;
• Agents are chosen by the Customer;
• Agents can be replaced at any time;
• We process repurchases and extensions within the allowed;
• Collecting bank of free choice;
• Flexibility in operation;
• Reduced cost;
• Fast processes;
• Success history.